Driver Coaching

Why have a coach?
You have the car and access to a race track, but one of the greatest assets a driver can have when trying to improve their performance on the race track is a coach. Whether you are aspiring to become a professional driver, or simply enjoy taking your car to track days, having an experienced motorsports professional at your side can help you make leaps and bounds with your progress in a fraction of the time.

Having a driver coach is not just for new drivers, but can greatly benefit even the most experienced racers by helping them to reduce lap-times and improve their on-track strategy.

Coaching Style vs Learning Style
Driving on track is a skill fairly easy to acquire, yet never fully perfected. Even with years of practice, all drivers and racing professionals are constantly seeking ways to improve their on-track performance. Geri's approach to driver coaching has always been founded in the belief that drivers must be positively encouraged through each learning stage, feel comfortable with their coach, all while discovering areas of comfort within the driving environment together.

It's common knowledge that an uncomfortable driver can and often does make critical mistakes at-speed, or run at a less-competitive pace. Being a well informed driver, eliminating bad-habits, and increasing overall awareness perception--uncertainty and under-performance can be gradually replaced with genuine confidence, and with genuine confidence comes genuine results.

- Individualized on-track support
- "Right-seat" coaching
- Radio-based "observational" coaching
- Lead-follow exercises
- Data acquisition / post-session analysis
- Mental strategy and preparation