Gearing Up for NASA Nationals

It’s getting to be that time of year again when club racers begin to make plans and spend exuberant amounts of money on one of the biggest of all NASA events … NASA Nationals.

This year Nationals will be held at Miller Motorsports Park, which is nestled in the small town of Tooele, Utah—located about 45 minutes outside of Salt Lake City. NASA will be hosting this event in Mid Ohio for the following seasons, which means it’ll be the last time NASA visits Miller for several years. I will be running in Time Trials adding to my lead in regional TTE points for the season.

For the past several weeks I’ve been working (and spending) diligently on my car (Clifford), getting him prepped for the long journey north. I purchased plane tickets, reserved hotels, arranged for rig transport and track-side support, the list goes on.

After months of driving on Arizona tracks, it will be a nice chance of pace visiting one of this size. The last run I made on a track of comparative distance was the infamous Texas World Speedway. TWS is one of those (big) places where you can start exploring the far right side of the speedometer. You soon start to realize that you can only do so much with a 1.6L at the top of 5th gear on some serious banking. I don’t expect Miller to be quite like this of course, but the challenge of learning a new track at a prominent club racing event should be no less interesting.

Clifford has now been outfitted with a complete race ready cage, custom made by Precision Chassis Works, located in sunny Gilbert, Arizona. Precision did a fabulous job making this car look top notch and safe as can be; complete with plenty of space around the driver in all directions, and custom fixings that hold my Traqmate system. I have nets on order and a RaceTech seat sitting in my living room – once those are in, the car is legal and to race.

I have one regional event here in Arizona before I make the trip up to Miller. Running on Firebird International Raceway [West Track], one of my all time local favorites, will be my last opportunity to test out new brakes, become accustomed to the added car rigidity, and familiar to the surroundings of a halo seat.

Of course, the event at Miller will be a great opportunity to meet new people and potential clients, along with the chance to reunite with fellow drivers and business colleagues, all of whom I have not seen in a while.

In the meantime, I’m resting up for some league kart racing at an indoor venue here in Phoenix, which takes place tomorrow. I hope to keep the number of bruises down to a minimum!

A special thanks goes out to Superior Racing Development, Team SRD, SafeRacer, and of course all my friends, family, and colleagues for your fabulous support and unparalleled encouragement.

More to follow after the August event at FIR West.


Posted on 07/24

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