25 Hours for the Taylor Lynn Foundation - Take a Moment to Give Back!

25 Hours for the Taylor Lynn Foundation - Take a Moment to Give Back!

Ready, set, go! It’s official! Racer and driver coach Geri Amani has teamed up with the Taylor Lynn Foundation to bring together a unique fundraiser leading up to the infamous 25 Hours at Thunderhill race event!

To make this effort uniquely special, Geri is helping the foundation raise funding, awareness and support for the TLF microGRANTs program down to the last minutes of the race. These microGRANTs are intended to give children the opportunity to participate in an activity or function that they would not be able to otherwise. Your donations go straight to the foundation, all while making this campaign effort possible.

“Those who know me well enough also know that the 25 Hours at Thunderhill has been on my bucket-list for quite some time.” Says Amani.  “As a highly driven competitor, I think it’s a part of any racers DNA to want to challenge themselves in endurance races like this one. While this event is unique in itself, I very much wanted this effort to be for something uniquely special. Through a fortunate series of events, I met the founders of the Taylor Lynn Foundation. Together we agreed to make this event a memorable one by raising awareness and funds for both the Taylor Lynn Foundation and this campaign.”

What is the 25?

The 25 Hours at Thunderhill is the longest running road course racing event in the United States. The event takes place at a race track known as Thunderhill Raceway Park–located in the small town of Williows, California (west of Chico, south of Redding). This 2.98 mile 15-turn track will be the home-base for over 30 teams along with hundreds of drivers and crew members taking part in one of the most coveted club-level racing events ever assembled. This event has been running strong for the past 5 years each December. This year will surely bring out some fantastic racing competition for not only the drivers but for spectators as well.

What car will Geri be racing and how long will she drive?
Geri will be racing a race-prepared Mazda Miata in the E3 class and will be one of four drivers. She and her teammates are top competitors in both SCCA and NASA racing sanctions. Drivers will perform double-stints at minimum, which will bring her total in-car time over 6-hours (day and night driving).

When is this Race?

December 7th, 2013.

How this Fundraiser Works
The 25 Hours for Taylor Lynn Foundation fundraiser will run until the checkered flag flies at the end of the longest running road course race in the US–the 25 Hours at Thunderhill. Your donations go directly to TLF using PayPal. Each contribution helps make this campaign possible, allowing Geri to spread awareness though various media and participate in this challenging event. For every dollar contributed to this fundraiser, 50% will be contributed directly to the TLF, whereas the other half is used to help cover some of Geri’s racing consumables that the team needs while she is in the race car (tires, fuel, oil etc.). Once $6,000 is reached, 100% of all funds collected go into the foundation’s microGRANT program.

Contribution “Thank You’s”

No donation is too small–we sincerely thank everyone who has shared interest and has contributed to the TLF. Because the foundation is a 501(c)(3) charity, each contributor receives a certificate noting tax-deduction eligibility. Geri is also sharing some unique gifts with randomly selected contributors each at $25, $50 and Personalized levels. Gifts may include a personally autographed driver photo and/or a commemorative sport cap. The contributor who donates the largest overall amount over $1k will receive a complimentary personalized coaching session in their own car.

The TLF microGRANT Structure
Taylor Lynn Foundation has taken money and turned it into “microGRANTs” generally ranging from $100 to $500 per grant. The TLF Board feels that rather than granting monies to just a few individuals, we can spread the wealth; meaning your donation reaches many more children.
The microGRANTs are intended to give children the opportunity to participate in an activity or function that they would not be able to otherwise.

For more information, or to make a donation please visit http://www.25HoursForTaylorLynn.com.

Stay tuned for updates and giveaways as this campaign evolves.


Posted on 10/15

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